A very warm welcome to Richmond Park School. We appreciate your visit to our website and your first steps towards making the very important decision about your child’s education in BiH.

Just as the moment your child took his or her first steps, your first steps in making a decision about your child’s education is an important moment. At Richmond Park Schools, we are with you every step of the way. Our team of professional, highly qualified teachers, administrators and staff members all have one goal in common – to help your child grow and become academically successful. Our secure environment is built specifically to suit the needs of inquisitive, adventurous children.

At Richmond Park, we aim to nurture, inspire and empower our students to realise their abilities. Our well-structured programme integrates universal values and local cultures in a learning environment that will support your child’s growth. Our process develops children to be lifelong learners, able to face challenges in a changing and globalised world.

Visitors often comment on the ‘warmth’ of our climate and the evident care offered by staff at every level of education. Our students know that the staff fully support and care for them as individuals, and an atmosphere of mutual respect runs throughout the school.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website, but these pages can only say so much! We urge you to visit us and explore the opportunity to join our happy, purposeful community. Do get in touch to book a visit!