Our Ethos

Richmond Park Schools strives to provide the very best education for its students. Each of our schools are unique institutions with their own identity but they share our common aims and values which are based on the British style of education.

Everything that we do within our schools links back to these core principles; they are the golden thread that informs all of our judgments and decision making.

The following Richmond Park Principles guide our schools:

  1. English language medium: The majority of teaching is delivered in English with the aim of improving students’ mastery of the English language.
  2. Pastoral care: Our students enjoy a safe and nurturing environment where they are provided with excellent guidance and pastoral support.
  3. Character: We develop independent, confident, respectful and resilient individuals with strong values and a true sense of community responsibility.
  4. Achievement: Our students achieve to their full potential and beyond their own expectations.
  5. Curriculum: We provide as diverse a range of subjects as possible to satisfy the curiosity of our students.
  6. People: We will attract the best people to work in our schools and provide training and support to retain them and enable them to develop their practice and deliver the Richmond Park education.
  7. Skills: We promote curious thinkers who love learning and acquiring new skills, and who will be able to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing future.
  8. Extra-curricular activities: We believe that teamwork, resilience, self-improvement, focus and discipline can all be developed through music, sport, the arts, outdoor activities and expeditions.
  9. Excellent pathways: Our students leave us with excellent opportunities for their future.

We believe our Principles match those of a British education as defined by organisations such as the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), and British Schools Overseas (BSO).